Minecraft Bedrock APK

Minecraft Bedrock APK is the new version of the Minecraft game. We all know that Minecraft is one of the most record-breaking games. But people want more advanced features, so developers decided to lunch its new version.

Minecraft Bedrock APK

This game version is based on the C++ programming language. That’s why it is useful for devices that cannot run Minecraft Java Edition. Only a few websites provide its download link, which you can’t find easily.

People have to pay money to use it, but you can download it free from our page. Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 Edition is compatible with android, ios, and PC. You can read the complete guide in this article. Let’s start it without any delay.

Additional Information

NameMinecraft Bedrock APK
Compatibility5.0 & Up
Updated1 Day Ago

Minecraft Bedrock APK

Minecraft Bedrock APK

In Minecraft Bedrock APK 1.19.20, you have an opportunity to explore the world. It includes simple homes as well as a luxury palace. You can play in two modes: survival mode and creative mode, with unlimited recourses.

Dig deep into the world and enjoy your exploring. You’ll face a dangerous crowd during the game and protect yourself from this evil force using crafting weapons and armor. The game also provides unique weapons to survive against enemies. Explore the latest community creations in the marketplace. You can get unique resources like maps, skins, and texture packs from your favorite creators.

Various options are available in the game, including changing the time, summoning mobs, and giving items to other players. Enhance your experience by creating new resource packs. Version 1.18.12 had less features from latest one.

The game also allows modifying the data-oriented behavior. It consists of GRU and MINIONS! So you can fulfill your dream by getting Minions Adventure Map. In this adventure, you can make the team and go underwater and explore caves and cliffs part. These features are not included in the previous Minecraft game versions; you can enjoy them all in this edition. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the download button and enjoy.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock APK

No ads

The game doesn’t allow third-party ads. You’ll game an amazing gaming experience without ads. The constant pop-up ads are annoying. But this is a life-saving feature; no one can stop you from gaining high achievements.

Create Avatar

One of the impressive features is to create an avatar. You can customize the avatar according to your requirements and needs. The game provides various options and requires money to make an avatar like a hero.

Free Subscription

You don’t need to register and be a member to play Minecraft bedrock apk. Choose a variety of slot machines and card games while downloading. You’ll see different game categories and enjoy them a lot.

New Armor

You can get new armor types like leather and chainmail. These new types have their own specialties, like leather protection and chainmail strength. Thread, leather, and iron are also needed for building.


You can make purchases through the market. For this purpose, you need coins. You can get coins by completing missions and using them to buy things.

Useful for Kids

Minecraft bedrock apk game is a great activity for kids. People of all ages can polish their creativity by developing a love of creation and exploring possibilities.

New Updates

Minecraft bedrock apk 1.19.30 comes with great updates. The user interface changed to be more productive. You can see the learning button on the notifications. Also, it added tamed animal death notifications in the chat; you can see them easily.

It allows you to add new splashes and feel the lava with Cauldron. So, download this edition and enhance your experience.

Different Servers

The game offers many servers in different versions like 1.19.40, 1.19.50, 1.19.51 so that you can play with other players together on them. You can’t play the game with a high server ping rate. Make sure to check the server ping rate before playing the game. If you want to take advantage of all the game features, you need it to be lower.

New Portal

The new environment will be easy for you to adjust to, and you’ll wonder how it is possible. How do I choose the right portal? You’ll find things straightforward and a little mesmerizing. The new portal is just like a dream bed. The player will need a nether star for this dream bed and enter the new plant.

New Dimensions

You’ll see a new dimension name PARADISE, including bricks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It is so beautiful that you haven’t seen or heard. This realm is located at the polar opposite of the Netherworld. You can see this area brightening all the time. Explore this beautiful city and enjoy the game.

Minecraft Bedrock APK Game Modes

Survival Mode

So, it is the easiest mode of Minecraft Bedrock edition game. We recommend starting the game with survival mode. Build things according to needs and requirements. You must collect resources and require food to survive otherwise, you’ll die.

Prepare yourself to fight against evil forces and be careful because subordinate enemies are at night and in the dungeon.

Creative Mode

In the creative mode, you don’t need to accumulate resources and food to survive. You have unlimited recourse to create huge epic constructions. Turn your imagination into the real world, as this mode is not so challenging.

How to Download Minecraft Bedrock APK for Android?

If you can’t find this game on the play store, download it from our page easily. Here are the following steps:

  • First of all, enable “Unknown Sources” on your device. Go to the settings and open security open.
  • Now, open the mobile download manager and click on Minecraft bedrock apk.
  • You’ll see two options on the screen. Install the operating system in two ways. Boot the system quickly on your android device.
  • Pop-up notifications will show on the screen. Waite for a second, and you’ll see it.
  • After completing all downloads and installations, click “Open” and enjoy your game.


  • It provides the opportunity to download any version from a third party directly. You have app archives of all the versions, so install them according to the requirements.
  • You have app archives of all the versions, so install them according to the requirements.
  • Reinstall the APK file many times without downloading it because it is saved on the memory card/system.


  • Download this game carefully because few websites provide fake download links that can harm the device.
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FAQ Section

Ans: Minecraft is not currently supported on Chromebook. It will not run under default settings.

Ans: Minecraft bedrock is available on Windows 10 and 11, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Fire OS/TV, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Samsung Gear VR.

Ans: Download the game form page and allow third-party access on your Android. Open it and start playing.

Ans: Bedrock edition comes with advanced new features that aren’t available on java. So it is far better and offers a smoother experience.

Ans: Many websites have fake links that are harmful. Our website provides 100% safe links, which you can download without hesitation.

Final Verdict

Minecraft Bedrock APK is an advanced version full of adventures and suspense. I hope you’ll enjoy this review as we covered everything. Read the downloading process carefully and share it with friends and others.

This version is still in testing mode, but you can download it easily. You’ll find armor, weapons, a new portal, and dimension. If you face any installation trouble, comment below. Also, share your feedback so that we improve our service.